What is the Restaurant premium version app for?

This restaurant app helps in improving efficiency, increasing sales and customer satisfaction, enhancing menu and order management, and providing a better dining experience.

Enhanced menu and order management
The restaurant app's menu and order management functions allow for better organization, faster order processing, and more accurate inventory management, resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.

Better dining experience
The app allows for a more streamlined and efficient dining experience, with the ability to easily browse menus, place orders, and receive updates on the status of orders, ultimately resulting in a better overall experience for customers.

Increased sales and customer satisfaction
Features like coupons, deals, efficient order management, and customer feedback help increase sales and improve customer satisfaction by providing a seamless and personalized dining experience.

App functions

Browse menu/search: View all menu items or search for specific items using keywords.

View product details/place orders: View detailed descriptions of menu items and place orders directly from the app.

Dine in orders:  Scan QR code to start ordering or select table number.

Check order status:  Allows tracking the status of order and receive notifications when it is ready.

Coupons/deals: Use special offers to save money on orders.

Take away ordering: Place orders for pickup.

Menu/order management:  Manage menu items and orders in a central location.

Push notifications:  Send updates and promotions via push notifications.


System functions

Manage users and content directly in the app for admins. The
platform provides the market and other administrators with an
online tool to manage aspects such as users, registration,
products, news updates, etc.

Analysis title

The app gives you valuable insights into customer behavior and
preferences, which can help you make informed decisions about
product development, marketing and sales strategies.

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