Appspotr Studios presents Cyan

Studios Cyan is a powerful solution for internal communication with advanced features to meet the requirements of large enterprises. Cyan consists of native iOS app, native Android app, responsive web client and a web-based CMS. The solution enables a fully personalized user experience with social features, a chat, staff offers with redemption, geo-based check-in, checklists and much more…


Simplify how your team stays connected and informed. Control in detail what information each user should access based on their role and device affiliation. The intuitive platform acts as a hub and facilitates a smooth flow of information between employees and management. Access important company news, updates and information anytime, anywhere via the user-friendly mobile apps and web interface. Whether accessing company news, connecting with colleagues or collaborating on projects, CYAN creates a more engaged and productive workforce.

Connect and colaborate:
Break down communication barriers and connect with users across all levels.

Stay informed:
Easy access to important company news, announcements, and resources through any device

Boost employee engagement:
Increase satisfaction and productivity with open communication. Delight with discounts and special offers for employees. Engage by enabling social features (like and comment) when needed.

App management simplified:
Allow unit administrators to manage content, users and notifications within their own unit and other units based on role and permission. Experience unrivalled flexibility and control in Cyans intuitive CMS.



Media & News: Supports categorized media, allowing interactions such as reading, commenting, liking, and viewing other user interactions.

Events & Meetings: Offers detailed views of events, directions, participant check-in, and interactive features like comments and likes.

Contacts: Maintains organized and easily accessible contact information, promoting better communication.

Information Management: Simplifies key information distribution, enhancing user engagement and information access.

Offers: Delivers personalized deals and promotions within the app, enabling users to discover and manage offers seamlessly.

Chat Feature: Improves in-app communication with features for accessing chat histories, initiating new chats, creating groups, and backing up conversations.

In-App Search: Facilitates quick searches across the app for content, tags, and headings.

Tools: Includes essential tools like link collection, forms, checklists, and comprehensive search functions to improve app functionality.

Scheduled Push Notifications: Provides flexible scheduling for push notifications to all users or specific groups.


User and Admin Roles: Supports multiple app administrators and unit-specific management for targeted content distribution.

Rich Text Notifications: Allows sending enhanced notifications with images, URLs, and direct user redirection.

Content Publishing: Enables administrators to publish content to specific or all units, with necessary approvals for broader distribution.

GDPR Compliance and Data Protection: Ensures data security and privacy with GDPR-compliant practices, secure hosting, and strict management protocols.

Dashboard and Analytics: Provides insights into app usage and engagement for content and feature optimization.

User Engagement and Feedback: Facilitates an interactive community through social communication tools.

Security and User Management: Prioritizes user security with comprehensive profile management and GDPR settings.

Cyan Web: Extends the functionality of Cyan by making all content accessible on the web, allowing users to access and interact with content through both web and app interfaces. This inclusion promotes a seamless user experience, ensuring that users have the flexibility to engage with content on the device of their choice without compromising on features or accessibility.

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